About Shop2Fitness

Shop2Fitness provides the next generation of fitness products
Currently Shop2Fitness delivers four types of products. The NEO Health GO, a fitness tracker, the NEO Health Pulse, a heart rate monitor, the NEO Health Onyx, a Body Composition Monitor and the NEO Health One Activiy Tracker. These products are seamlessly integrated with Virtuagym and will allow you to speed up your workflow and improve your client experience. All products are great for self-management, but also are an excellent tool to help you coach your clients, as you get direct access to all data measured. Measuring values for weight, fat percentage, etc, is now just a push on the button.

NEO Health GO
The GO is a fitness tracker that measures your heart rate. You can see the heart rate live on the tracker or in the Virtuagym app. Next to the heart rate the GO also measures your steps, burnt calories, distance covered, sleep time and your daily goal. 

NEO Health Pulse
The NEO Health Pulse is a heart rate monitor that is worn below the chest. Therefore, it measures the heart rate very accurately and is the ideal assistant for workouts and runs. You can see your heart rate live in the app. 

NEO Health One
This activity tracker is the perfect assistant to help you train smarter. It connects wirelessly with your Virtuagym app and provides you with valuable information about your daily activity and sleep. The tracker tells you more about the amount of calories burned, distance covered, sleep time and more. This information is both accessible via the tracker itself and via the Virtuagym app.

NEO Health Onyx 
A body composition monitor, able to accurately measure body weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone mass, and visceral fat. It connects to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. The product automatically sync all measurements to the Virtuagym app


If you want more information about NEO Health, visit their website: www.neo-health.co